10 Life lessons I’ve learned while scuba diving

Stop and breathe

1- Learn new things… and don’t wait until you’ve mastered it all to jump in!

2- When you are afraid of doing something, hold somebody’s hand and do it anyway.

3-The world is even more incredible when you can see under the surface… the sea or the soul.

4- Wherever you wanna go, go gradually. Get used to the pressure before taking the next step. You’ll go further this way.

5- Going down doesn’t always have to be something negative.

6- Sometimes you better keep away from what is appealing to the eye.

7- Even what looks soft, can be very hurtful – e.g. jellyfishes.

8- When you are in intense pain you don’t use your best judgment.

9- There’s always something out there, as miraculous as vinegar, to stop the pain. Find out what it is and go get it.

10- Stop and breathe. You’ll soon see that “no pasa nada”.

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