When I understood that making plans is overrated

Find an internship, buy tickets, find a place to live, get a visa… for the past four months Egypt was always on my to-do list and it seemed I had it all under control. Today, waiting on the line to cancel the health insurance I got to go there and writing on the back of what was my internship agreement, I couldn’t help thinking how useless making plans can be. From all the possible situations I pictured could happen to me in Cairo, not going there was never one – and, yet, I thought I had it all covered.

On the plus side, for all the plans that fall apart, a whole unplanned set of new opportunities shows up and, sometimes, the best you can do is just seize them… well, that’s what I’m doing now.. next week, I’ll be moving to Morocco! Any tips, help with finding an accommodation in Rabat, etc. are very much welcome!!!

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